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iMindMap is the software from Tony Buzan. It is the only software in the world that allows for the creation of organic MindMaps.

There are three versions: 'Free Basic (SmartPhone & Tablet), 'Home & Student' and 'Ultimate'. Download a free 7-day trial on iMindMap and try it yourself. 

Upon request, in the 1- or 2-day training special attention can be given to Mind Mapping with the software iMindMap in the most effective way possible. 

Or, follow a 2 day training in iMindMap to learn everything about this spectacually software!

In this training, it is discussed:

  1. short introduction to MindMapping theory
  2. MindMapping with the possibility of special attention to iMindMap Ultimate

For who?

It is desirable that participants are already familiar with Mind Mapping, either due to experience or by previous preparation. It is also advisable to combine this training with a regular Mind Map Training (see Training).

The subjects of the iMindMap Training are, in short:

Make first MindMap:

  • Central idea
  • Main-branches and sub-branches
  • changing curves
  • add text to branch + editing
  • copy and paste
  • images and symbol to branches
  • flying images and symbols
  • Image Library, Icon library, both local and on the internet
  • add own image
  • image format change and rotate
  • use flying text
  • sorting branches automatically
  • changing colors
  • use relation arrow
  • add CLOUDS
  • add branches, between and before
  • using background color
  • search text


  • add files to branches
  • create hyperlinks to files, audio, video, websites and other MindMaps
  • edit own text
  • link text
  • priority branches (alphabetic and/or numeric)


  • make own image with Sketch Tool
  • use snap-shot


  • standaard printing
  • printing sample
  • printing wall-size
  • using headers and footers


  • as image
  • to Word
  • to PowerPoint
  • to Excel
  • as internet page (with animation)
  • as PDF
  • to MS-Project

MindMapping Mode's

  • MindMapping Mode
  • SpeedMapping Mode
  • AutoLayout
  • Styles
  • Expand and collaps branches
  • Configuring sub-branch as main idea


  • Using iMindMap to manage projects


  • with collapsing
  • with presentation-mode
  • changing the presentation build-up
  • auto play and kiosk-mode
  • exporting as a movie
  • exporting to YouTube
  • exporting to PowerPoint
  • exporting to Social Media (Facebook & Twitter)
  • exporting to the web with iMindMap Viewer


  • MindMaps from Freemind
  • MindMaps from MindManager


  • editing standard text, colors and branches
  • changing standard locations



Our customers are:

- Government

- Universities

- International Companies

- National & Small Companies

- Schools

- Private persons

- Healthcare

and so on.

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