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Mind Map Master Trainer Ruud Rensink is an inspiring trainer. Ruud is certified by Tony Buzan as a Buzan Licensed Instructror (BLI), iMindMap Master Trainer, Licensed SpeedReading Instructor and Licensed Memory Trainer. He knows the theory and practice of Mind Mapping, SpeedReading & Memory throughout.

Ruud is an experienced teacher that is only satisfied when his students understand the subject completely. Clear explanations and handy tips and tricks are part of Ruud's teaching method.

"Because of my master course I saw the need for tools to store and reproduce information. Ruud Rensink takes you with him in the world of thinking. The tips and tricks I got from the first minute of the training are applicable in the practice and effective. With less stress than before, I can now address information much better than before. This way I have acquired a much overview from Mind Maps and now I can read books at least 30% faster than before."  - Gertjan de Ruiter (student)

Students usually experience Ruud's training as inspiring, energetic and enthusiastic. After the training they have acquired all the knowledge and skills to make their own effective and beautiful Mind Maps.  

Ruud Rensink's Mind Map. Click on it for a bigger (pdf) version.

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From left to right: Ruud Rensink, Hilde Jaspaert and Tony Buzan


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